My form of Reiki holds three levels.
But doing all three IS NOT a requirement and does not necessarily make anyone more powerful

What matters is the constancy with which you integrate this practice in your life.
The benefits of Reiki are incremental!

Level one: Taking care of yourself

When a person gets attuned with level one Reiki, she is then able to give Reiki to herself and others. The more a person gives herself Reiki, the more she gives herself time, attention, love, etc. Everything starts with you!

Content: Reiki history, 4 attunements + meditations, learning hand placements, sensing energies, basic knowledge of the chakras system (human energy matrix), self-care and care on others (on tables).

Length: 10 hours

Note: Although I can give a distant care to someone, attunements are done person-to-person! Therefore, if physical distance is a problem, we can always see if travelling and gathering other students may be a suitable option.

Level two: Helping others

Heeding the call of the second level allows a deeper understanding of what impact Reiki can have. Thus, we learn to give Reiki distantly: on all living beings, the planet, the collective consciousness, on events past present and future, etc. Not with the intent of controlling or influence, but to facilitate the manifestation of the best outcome.

Content: Learning mantras / sacred symbols, 2 attunements + meditations, sending energy distantly, more knowledge of the chakras system (human energy matrix) and practice with others.

Length: 8 hours

Level three: Teaching and sharing one’s knowledge

This process involves a long personal commitment to self and Reiki spanning from 5 to 7 years. For the student, those years are essential in refining the qualities that make possible the mastery, the application, the integration and the communication of his/her teachings, meaning: humility, compassion, empathy, authenticity, integrity, respect, discernment, personal boundaries, communication, assertion, etc.