What is Meditation?

To me, it is a personal practice that facilitates stress management and finding inner peace throughout our daily grind, which helps us to develop a more sustained well-being.

The goal of meditation IS NOT about emptying your mind. That is an impossible task which can easily discourage anyone without even trying it. We cannot stop thinking… BUT WE CAN develop a greater sense of calm and anchoring that may enable us to greet those arising thoughts with more neutrality and detachment.

Meditation facilitates:

  • Reducing anxiety and helping to relax;
  • Managing our stress and our emotions;
  • Quieting the mind and finding inner peace;
  • Reacquainting us with ourselves;
  • Being in the NOW;
  • Developing more empathy and benevolence towards ourselves;
  • Improving our focus;


«Your thoughts become your words.
Your words become your actions.
Your actions become your habits.
Your habits become who you are.
Choose your thoughts carefully.»

– Buddha –


Because I live in a francophone city, I do not offer any courses in English. But I can teach it on a one-on-one basis, like I would for a consultation or Reiki Care.

Adult: 55$ CND / 1 h ou 75$ CND / 1 h 30
Children: 35$ CND / 30 minutes

Starting January 2020, fees will be as followed:
Adult: 60$ CND / 1 h ou 85$ CND / 1 h 30
Children: 40$ CND / 30 minutes