Reiki energy can work depending on what the person needs, or is ready to receive… no more no less; weither it is deep relaxation, soothing pain, deep emotional healing, removal of emotional blocks.

Before, during and after

First, I take the time to listen to the person’s needs, answer her questions, and explain to her how the care will unfold. Next, the person lays down on the table (with her clothes on), and I channel the energy by laying my hands on different places on the body, starting with the head (no private parts). While channeling the energy, I pay attention to my intuition and what I feel is going on in the person. I do not direct or force the energy, its knows where to go and what to do. After the care, the person is usually quite calm and relaxed. It is possible to talk during or after the care, depending on the person’s preference.

Distant Care

Yes, energy knows no bound! Reiki can be experienced distantly.

I use the phone or Skype, so the person has at least a form of tangible contact with me, and which allows us to interact at any time during the care. I then proceed to distantly contact the person’s energies and work on them as I would in person.

In terms of sensing energies with my hands, it makes no difference to me… and usually, a person who senses energy will feel it too!

Limitations of the care and the practitioner

Reiki affects the person globally, but it does not replace a medical treatment. Also, as a matter of professional ethics, I do not give any medical diagnostic, and I refer to other healthcare professionals if needed.

Adult: 55$ CND / 1h ou 75$ CND /1h30
Children: 35$ CND / 30 minutes

Starting January 2020, fees will be as followed:
Adult: 60$ CND / 1h ou 85$ CND /1h30
Children: 40$ CND / 30 minutes

Reiki can:

  • Calm the mind;
  • Reduce stress and anxiety;
  • Release emotional blocks;
  • Reduce pain and ease relaxation;
  • Recharge one’s energy levels;
  • Revitalize the body and the nervous system;
  • Boost presence and focus;
  • Balance body, mind and spirit;
  • and more.